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122 Windsor Street
Richmond NSW 2753
P: 4578 6999

Delishus Tapas Bar and Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I like tasting food more than just eating food. And that’s why I love Tapas!  With small portions designed to share, you have the opportunity to taste a range of foods and flavours, without getting too full too quickly!

Delishus has been on my ‘must try’ list for just this reason, and so on a hot summer Saturday my husband and I headed to Richmond for a Tapas Lunch

Being a typical hot and humid day we were grateful to have plenty of air conditioned room inside to choose from, however their courtyard area would be a lovely option on a cooler day. I’m told by the owner that dogs are welcome to join you on a leash when dining in the courtyard, something that will encourage us back in the future!

Looking inside the late 1800s building is like visualising the Spanish arriving in Colonial Australia!  Dark wood and high ceilings are paired with vibrant red and yellow Spanish decor.  Why this could sound gaudy, this unique setting actually works nicely, and harmonises well with the appropriate Spanish guitar soundtrack in the background.

This restaurant got us in their good books from the start by having my favourite Cider available, and the complimentary spiced peanuts and olives accompanied this perfectly to calm my growling anticipating stomach!

We enjoyed four dishes to share, each one really only offering enough for two, but this helped us leave enough room to indulge in dessert!

Pork Belly with Apple Sauce
I’m always a bit reluctant to try Pork Belly as more often than not you end up with more fat than meat.  But as a ‘special of the day’ I was persuaded to try and was so glad I did. The juicy, melt in your mouth pork was superbly matched by the salty crispy crackling. Both my husband and I said we could’ve eaten more – and we are not big pork eaters

Pollo Rellenos con Tomate Seco y Albahaca
While I couldn’t really taste much of the pine nuts and basil in this tomato chicken dish, the tomato was not too over powering and the buttery sauce really made this delicious

Empanadas de Carne con Manchego Mousse
These beef empanadas exceeded expectations by tasting more baked than fried.  The Manchego Mousse tasted like a hard cream cheese and melted on top of my empanada... when I had left it long enough on the plate before gobbling it down!

Patatas Bravas
The menu promised that these potatoes would be ‘baked crisp’ so I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t really.  While still very tasty, they did pale in comparison to the other dishes.  I think next time I would ask for the sauce on the side, rather than on top, as this may help them to remain as crispy as promised.

I was very pleased that we still had room for coffee and dessert, as I definitely wanted to try the Tasting Plate – Postre Messe!


Selections can vary from day to day, so it’s best to ask for today’s offering but we were treated to a sample of four including:

  • White Chocolate Mousse with Lavender
  • Fresas en Balsamico (fresh strawberries with aged balsamic vinegar)
  • Leche Frita (fried milk with cinnamon and vanilla – like a mini custard filled donut)
  • Crema Catalana (like a Creme Brûlée but better)

Delicious variety to satisfy any dessert lover.  We loved the Crema Catalana the best, however the Leche Frita came a close second with me.

While the bill was a little high for two people, it is what you would expect for food of this quality and the atmosphere truly makes this an enjoyable foodie experience.  It’s well worth treating yourself to a meal at Delishus as you will leave feeling full and your taste buds truly satisfied.

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